False Eye Lashes Top Tips

Ladies many a time find themselves wishing they had long lashes. They may have tried other methods to enhance the growth of their lashes, but unfortunately, it may not have worked efficiently as it had in their friends or people they know. Fortunately, that is not the end for them. They can always try the fake lashes, and there are ways to help make them as natural as possible. Ensure you read on to acquire all information you would want to have the fake lashes.

In the first place, you need to buy yourself a set of individual lashes which usually come in a bunch of about 5 to 10 fibres. There are usually about 20 bunches for every pack, and they are also long wearing. You should always work towards making the process of having these lashes easy hence you should squeeze out a dime-sized glob of office glue to dip your lashes in as you apply as it is regarded to be easier than getting the glue from the tube every time you require it.

A pair of tweezers usually works best when you want to pick up your lashes, and they are also more precise when compared to your bare hands. Use these tweezers to apply them by gently dipping them into the glue, and you should aim for an even thin coating of glue as it affects how the lashes adhere to your real lashes. These fake lashes should also be applied on top and not below your lashes to ensure you get the very best results.

Another common tip that most people tend to forget is that they need to keep looking straight or at the mirror as well as keep the eyes open while applying it to help you make sure that you are doing it correctly and evenly. You should also try to use fewer lashes to help keep your look as natural as possible. Typically, you would like the length of the fake lashes to be at the outer edges of your eyes and on the other hand, a more subtle effect.

Also, while applying the fake lashes, you will often find one that is not rightfully placed or rather, looks crooked thus you should not leave it unattended. You should adjust it, so it fits perfectly in like the rest. It might only be one, but again, it might as well spoil the whole look as well. You should also ensure that your look is disguised by applying cake liner after which you can use mascara to completely mask it. Removing the lashes is easy as you simply require using makeup remover and the high-quality one.

And the guide is all over and done, the top tips while applying the fake lashes. Follow the guidelines to the latter, and you will be looking way better than before with your short eyelashes. However, if you are not sure how to do it perfectly, numerous cosmetic specialists can help you do everything right, and all you are required to do is just ask.